BioSynProbes: A global solution for your Molecular Diagnostic needs.

BioSynProbes offers a wide range of solutions for the qPCR kit manufacturers and developers.

The qPCR market has experienced a radical change during recent years. From monoplex to multiplex, from the detection of different pathogens to the detection of different strains of viruses and bacteria, the technique has evolved and so has the complexity of the experiments. With the increase in the variety and complexity of the kits, a necessity for better, more specific, primers and probes arises.

CerTest Biotec, a worldwide manufacturer of human clinical diagnostics kits introduces a new Business unit which aims to provide the market with products focused specifically on qPCR applications.

Available products include:

  • Primers with a variety of sizes from 10nmol to 1 gram of lyophilized product.
  • dsDNA to be used as template in your qPCR reactions.
  • Probes. Mono- and bi- quenched probes in all the thermalcycler channels with a wide variety of fluorophores/quenchers.
  • Master Mix. Ready-to-use, lyophilized Mastermix containing Taq Polymerase, dNTPs, buffer and stabilizers, to ensure great reproducibility and long shelf-life.

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